I thought about quitting doing my master’s.

I woke up early because I completely forgot to change my alarm clock 1 hour backwards. I did not need to get up at 4:45 am but anyway I decided to get up because it was the day of my first presentation for my masters. To be honest, the module I am doing is my least favourite. The module is Advanced Modalities in Sport and Exercise Science.

At first, I had no clue what my modality is because everyone in the class seems to know what they are doing; they know what equipment that they are going to need for their research project. In this module, you got to understand what is your modality and how are you going to use them and why? Also, the history of the equipment and how it has been developed over the years. For instance, the equipment that you are going to use is the treadmill, so how to use them, where does it come from, what treadmill you’re going to use and how treadmill has been developed over the years. For me, I am not using any equipment because it’s not what I want to do my research so I had no clue. I was like “What the hell y’all talking about?” Honestly I did think about leaving the course because I did not like the way I was being taught, I was like is it really worth for me to listen and stay full 12 months to those “quantitative people” who is going to tell us all about their research and has nothing to relate or compare for “qualitative” people, people like me?

I decided to speak to my supervisor about how I feel about the course and thinking am I really making the right choice to do MSc Sport and Exercise Science? They told me about that they have been through the same situation as me thinking about the future, the life and people that they have to deal with every day. Also, they said “Some people see the world as internal and some see as external. Besides, what’s the point of you dropping out when you’re the first ever student who ever published academic journal article?” It has made me realised there are so many things that I can do and why throw it all away? I’ve decided that I am going to stay and get what I always wanted first place and I am not alone because I have two amazing supervisors that are always going to support me.

Anyway, back to what happened last week Wednesday, I woke up early, had my breakfast boiled eggs, toast and green tea. Then got ready to go to Cambridge from London King’s Cross. I arrived Cambridge early than I normally do but it was because I wanted to meet my friend at the station so we can go to the university together. As we were walking, she kept saying that how nervous she is about her presentation and thinking that she is not going to do well. I wasn’t nervous at all because I know I had a lot of practice. I tell her “You have nothing to be nervous about, you know all of us. All you got to do is relax, take your time and speak slowly so everyone can understand you AND ME!” I did figure out what my modality was after speaking to my supervisors, so I have to talk about that I show good understanding ontology and epistemology and how they both linked so well together.

When arriving at the campus, my friend continued to annoy me about how nervous she is and she managed to build up my nerves for worrying what would happen for my presentation. It is annoying because I always seem to know how to control my nerves and stay calm. After I had my morning lecture, I went straight to see my supervisor so that she would give me some tips before the presentation and practice in front of her.

Before 2 pm, I had a quick practice with a friend from the course and having that practice I felt at ease. It was time for my actual presentation and I am last so I had a long way to go until my turn to present in front of everyone in the group and 2 markers.  When it was time for listening to everyone’s presentation. I was completely switched off. Why? It was because I have no clue or care what they were talking about their modality. I know should but honestly, I was more interested listening to two of my friend’s presentation when one was talking about a semi-structured interview and another one was talking about physical literacy. It was interesting because it’s an interesting topic to listen to until it was finally the time for my presentation. I stood up and was beginning to get nervous and present to the group until one of the markers said: “We got to wait for your supervisor to come.” When he said that I was actually buzzing because I enjoy to present to the people I know really well so I didn’t feel nervous at all! Here I am presenting to the whole group about my modality.

After my presentation, I think I did really well as I told a friend to film me the whole presentation so I can always look back and see what I can improve next time I am doing a presentation. When it comes to questions time, to be honest, I wasn’t prepared. NONE of the students asked me the questions. It was all the lecturers asking me the questions that I should be able to answer. On the journey, back home, I watched the video of my presentation, I thought I could have done better but hopefully, I get a good grade once I get a feedback from the marker when it has been marked.

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