My name is Thomas Irish and I don't consider myself a "blogger" but I like to write to share my experiences to the people. When deciding what to write for my undergraduate project, I wanted to talk about my experience in sport. It was because the people in my course at my university were talking about "testing, hypothesis and measurement". On the contrary, I find such research projects unsympathetic due to their detachment from human experience. This led me to meet my supervisor who introduced me to Autoethnography, a subject which inspired me to write about my experiences. I regard Autoethnography as a calling and a device with which to tell my story. Using Autoethnography to explore my experience with sport has also become a kind of therapy for me.  
Then, it led me to published my first academic paper as an undergraduate — "Sport saved my life" but "I am tired of being an alien!": Stories from the life of a deaf athlete (Irish, et al., 2018). It was one of my greatest achievements, which led me to deliver an oral presentation at the International Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise Conference (6th International QRSE, June 6th - 8th June 2018) in Vancouver in Canada, the first time I had ever attended, and write to many more.