About Me

I was born on Antigua September 1995 during the hurricane season in the Caribbean and when hurricane Luis actually passed, destroying Antigua. I was born in Antigua and there was a major volcanic eruption on the island of Montserrat which causes my parents to migrate to Antigua in an emergency situation. At the beginning of 1996, my family moved back to Montserrat, although volcanic activity became progressively worse.

In 1997 – 98, the volcano in Montserrat had settled down and we resumed normal life living in the north of the island which was now considered the safe zone. Started pre-school and kindergarten in Montserrat where the problems with my hearing developed.

I moved to England in August 2000 to access treatment and facilities for the deaf. I attended quite a few different hospitals and facilities which treat those who are deaf and hard of hearing.  I started primary school in London in January 2001. During my primary school years, I participated in various sport and was bullied in the process.

I continued my education entering Mary Hare school for the Deaf in 2007. This is a boarding school.  The boarding school was a Deaf community and I found my identity there. I continued participating in more sport as it was an integral part of the school curriculum, then I progressed into national and international participation. The main sport I did were athletics, football and basketball.

After finishing boarding school with the required qualifications, I entered Anglia Ruskin University to do a Degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education and now currently pursuing an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science…