Presentations & Publications


  • Irish, T. 2018. Capturing UK Higher Education D/deaf students’ responses to an ‘alien’ autoethnography. Oral Presentation at 3rd Sport and Discrimination Conference at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Irish, T. 2018. “I told my story and then all these things happened!”: How sharing my personal narrative influenced my life.” Oral Presentation at 6th International Qualitative Research Sport & Exercise Conference at British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Irish, T., Cavallerio, F. 2018. Tales of being an alien in sport: impairing common sense(s). Oral Presentation at Cambridgeshire Science Festival at Anglia Ruskin University.


Irish, T., Cavallerio, F. and McDonald, K. 2018. ‘“Sport saved my life” but “I am tired of being an alien!”: Stories from the life of a deaf athlete’, Psychology of Sport & Exercise. Elsevier.