An Interview with Dr. Barnes About Being a Black Deaf Young Man

Cleansing my soul in the most beautiful island of the Caribbean, Montserrat, home sweet home, and it’s the only place where I get to reset, reflect, and recharge. I was invited to do my first ever interview with Dr. Barnes. I was nervous, but it was quite an experience and it’s a joy to beContinue reading “An Interview with Dr. Barnes About Being a Black Deaf Young Man”

21st July, 2021 [21:10pm]

I am listening to a relaxing, chill blues mix that I found on YouTube. I have a lot of thoughts and voices racing through my mind, and there’s one thing that has been bugging me. I’ve been off social media for just over two weeks and, to be honest, this is one of the happiest versionsContinue reading “21st July, 2021 [21:10pm]”

Navigating Your Time to Find the Missing Piece (Part 2)

I’ve been writing about The Missing Piece since the initial stages of the pandemic and figured it would be a good idea to write some kind of vignettes in which I thought it would be good to share it with you, a missing piece that you and I were searching for. As I outlined inContinue reading “Navigating Your Time to Find the Missing Piece (Part 2)”

The Missing Piece (Part 1)

Here we are in 2021, and covid season is still going on around the world, with people wearing masks, social distancing, and trying to find a new way to cope. I’ve scraped through the year trying to figure what to do with my life when all my plans has been thrown away since the beginningContinue reading “The Missing Piece (Part 1)”

I Must be Proactive – My Journey in Canada

Who would have thought that I would spend over two months in Canada? I never expected that I would be in a different country, away from family and friends in the UK, for quite so much time. I had a great time, however, there are negative as well as positive moments when learning who youContinue reading “I Must be Proactive – My Journey in Canada”

Should I approach and ask him or should I just look at him?

You’re probably thinking what are you talking about Thomas? Why can’t you just make the first move if that’s what you’re referring to. Well here’s the thing, I am not talking about boy meeting a girl or a girl meeting a boy. I am talking about my cochlear implants. I know they are quite anContinue reading “Should I approach and ask him or should I just look at him?”