Thomas Irish

Let’s start from the beginning! Since moving to the UK in London, I was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf in the London Borough of Hackney. I used to wear hearing aids until the age of 14. I decided to get cochlear implants after noticing that I couldn’t hear certain sounds that I had always thought I could hear. After years of struggling to accept my deafness and disability, I discovered my passion for sport and how it has led me to a magical place, a world full of happiness. Then I transformed into someone else.

I am passionate about understanding culture, society, understanding people, and sport, which has led me to do autoethnography, which was introduced by my supervisor at university when I was an undergrad student. Then, I published my story on how sport saved my life, but I was tired of being an alien. My university experience and being in this world have taught me a lot about myself as a researcher, my identity, my disability, and my love of sports, and I want to share my experiences with people who can appreciate and relate to them, as well as those who want to follow my journey.

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